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"I've had the chance to work in a company which offered its employees English lessons given by Lorraine. I was in a group of 3 people and Lorraine gave us weekly lessons over a period of two years. All the classes were animated and she provided us with good material for all the subjects we wanted to study. She was always patient, friendly and highly motivated. In brief, Lorraine is an excellent teacher, who understands immediately the specific needs of a student and the difficulties he/she may encounter and knows exactly how to support them.

I am happy to recommend her to students of any level.

Thank you, Lorraine, for your kindness and all your work.”

Jose (from Spain)

Vice President


"Lorraine helped me improve my English level and made me more confident when speaking in public. The lessons were oriented around the news, or any other subject that was relevant. So, they were very interesting. 

In addition, she was able to identify the key points I needed to focus on in order to improve faster and my co-workers noticed my progress. Lorraine is professional  and makes you feel comfortable while learning. Very helpful, 100% recommended."

Dinara Chek (from Kazakhstan)




"I have learned so much in my Business English classes with Lorraine during the last year. Classes with Lorraine have been so worthwhile. I was already an advanced student, but I learned something from every class, plus she made class interesting and fun. Lorraine is really good at connecting the course material with everyday office life examples. This made everything more relevant and easy to learn. Excellent teachers require so many positive qualities like care, dedication, patience and commitment. Lorraine has all these qualities in abundance. Thank you Lorraine! Keep up the great work!"




"My lessons in English with Lorraine are and have been more than interesting and useful for my work in Luxembourg.


I have been taking her classes periodically for almost three years now, once or twice a week (depending on my workload) and I am really very happy with my improvement. I feel much more comfortable and secure when speaking/writing English and more fluent. In my daily work it is really important to know how to write/speak English well, 


One great thing about Lorraine’s classes is that we can fix our goals as she prepares the lessons according to our needs. It is a customized program.


I thank her for her kindness and professionalism and fully recommend her."

Abdoulaye (from France ) 

Senior Associate


"I Just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Lorraine gives a very good English class

I have been doing training at work with Lorraine for a few years now (I started as a beginner) and I really feel that I have improved greatly in grammar, vocabulary and my listening skills have developed as well. The way she teaches makes you feel very comfortable and it's easy to progress with her.

I am very happy and would like to continue the English classes

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